About YouVas

YouVas is a Mobile App Ecosystem Solutions Company providing expertise and innovative solutions to the leading industry players. 

YouVas offers white label Cloud App Store , mobile & on device portals, content distribution platform as well as a range of innovative tools and services to support entreprises and mobile operators.

Our history in somes dates

  • Nov 2009 -  YouVas is Founded in Huntsman Hall, Wharton, Philadelphia
  • May 2010 – Product development of AppLive V1.0 (Appstore Platform technology)
  • May 2011 - Launched with it's proprietary technology the first application store in MENA
  • July 2011 - Launched the first Islamic appstore
  • March 2012 - Roll out Galaxy V1.0
  • July 2012 -   Roll out Cloud Appstore 

MENA Leader

By 2016, VAS will contribute to more than 50% of the Mena operators’ revenues.  

By 2017 Mobile apps market to hit $0.5 billion revenue in the Mena region.

YouVas is gaining early leadership in this market.