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YouVas offers attractive multi-device Storefronts, Content and a Vibrant developer community, just “Fit for Purpose” to help the operators maintain and developp the critical relationship with their subscribers.  

We got a great App store for You !

  • You are looking to differentiate your services from that of the competition ?  
  • You are looking to capitalize on the heavy data usage on mobile applications from over the top app stores ?
  • Looking for a real upside like churn reduction, increased ARPU, and improved subscriber acquisition ?
  • Your subscribers are looking for local an international apps ?

Appstore Animation 

  • Expertise in running Appstores (Pricing, Content, Promotions,…)
  • Store merchandising and Social Marketing

Service Platform

  • Premium appstore features
  • Scalable platform offering multilingual capabilities
  • ODP & HTML5 MobileWeb
  • Operator billing integration
  • Developer Portal

Content Aggregation / Distribution

  • Unique niche play and positioning
  • Multi-market scalability (MENA, Arabic, Francophone Africa, …)

Developer Community Management

  • Know-how in dev interaction, events, cultural compatibility
  • Multi-market scalability
  • Multi-device coverage

Key Benefits

  • Fast time to market : Launch your branded multi-OS app store in less than 6 weeks
  • Multi-OS : Serve all the mobile devices and platforms
  • End to End marketplace : Solution provides Mobile, ODP, Web storefront service, Local Portal developper and a fully integrated content catalog

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