Distribute your content

YouVas offers a global audience of over 50 millions mobile subscribers in the Mena region,  in which credit and debit cards are used relatively little.  The population of the MENA region is about 360 million people with one of the world fastest growing smartphone adoption rate.

The YouVas Developer Program and the Mobile App Distribution & Monetization Galaxy Platform offers a offer a great and intuitive solution for the direct distribution of your free and paid apps across YouVas-powered app storefronts. 

Our solutions simplifies content distribution, marketing, billing, customer support and sales reporting allowing you to focus on building great apps :

  • A very fast, easy route to the appstores,
  • Your apps will be released to the App stores in less than 24 hours,
  • Developers get the best revenue share on the market and have no costs for joining the service,
  • Support for free and paid apps across all operating systems,
  • Target countries, operators, geographical regions/languages of your choice,
  • Marketing tools to drive downloads and promote your apps,
  • Free or reduced cost translation and localization services for the Mena region,
  • Powerful analytics & Monitor performance by platform, device and appstores,
  • Dedicated multilingual support ( English, Arabic, French, ...).

Partner with the Mena leader and enter into the Galaxy revolution in the join the network menu.


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