Galaxy - Content Distribution

YouVas offers a global audience of over 50 millions mobile subscribers in the Mena region,  in which credit and debit cards are used relatively littleThe YouVas Developer Program and the Mobile App Distribution & Monetization Galaxy Platform offers a offer a great and intuitive solution for the direct distribution of your free and paid apps across YouVas-powered app storefronts. 

Our solutions simplifies content distribution, marketing, billing, customer support and sales reporting allowing you to focus on building great apps :

  • A very fast, easy route to the appstores,
  • Your apps will be released to the App stores in less than 24 hours,
  • Developers get the best revenue share on the market and have no costs for joining the service,
  • Support for free and paid apps across all operating systems,
  • Target countries, operators, geographical regions/languages of your choice,
  • Marketing tools to drive downloads and promote your apps,
  • Free or reduced cost translation and localization services for the Mena region,
  • Powerful analytics & Monitor performance by platform, device and appstores,
  • Dedicated multilingual support ( English, Arabic, French, ...).

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